Hollow Coins

I still don’t think that The Morning Guy is now or ever was a secret agent, but just yesterday morning Sparkle Junior mentioned that one of the quarters he’d borrowed from The Morning Guy had jammed the soda machine.

Perhaps it was one of these:

Although small in capacity, these hollow
quarter dollars blend right in with your pocket
change without raising an eyebrow.

PRICED AT $21.00



  1. tenenbaum.susan says:

    You give the morning guy too much credit. He is really the mailer daemon who spits your emails back at you. He likewise devours your pies. You get nothing back that wasn’t your own to begin with. And that coin that kept sparkie busy for almost half an hour, freeing up the bottle dispenser – it really was just what you thought – hollow and worthless. Why don’t you just fire that bastard. Nothing inside that makes it worth the effort. He’s useless to to you and to me, leaves the floor filthy, eats up the stock behind your back, isn’t worth the attention paid him. Don’t sign any more of his paychecks, please. I have an investment here that I have to protect. Do I seem unsympathetic? Causee I’m not – you know we’ve both been here before.

  2. Bjean says:

    “You get nothing back that wasn’t your own to begin with.” I like that. I am going to do it up in counted cross-stitch for the Pie Shop wall.

    As for the Morning Guy, you have to figure in the entertainment value and the fact that he has never even asked for a pay check, although he does still owe me a few decent golf tips.

    Plus he did introduce Pretty Boy Boyd’s toes to the iguana. That was worth a lot.

    I still say he does NOT leave the floors filthy. He is an exceptionally tidy person, in his life and in his mind. which is why he’d really rather deal with me only in post-in notes and emails.

    The floors, however, are a problem when your second-cousin Darnell fills in for the night shift. Also, Sparkle Junior has always had an affinity for anything than can spill or be sticky.

    Actually, none of these guys is much of a prize. Good thing we have each other.

  3. tenenbaum.susan says:

    I didn’t say he made the mess. I said he leaves the mess, and yes, it is a good thing we have each other.

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