Morning at the Slice of Heaven 24-Hour Pie Shop and Driving Range

It’s a little before noon so I am just coming in to work. The morning guy has already been there to chat with the late shift postal workers and firefighters. He’s stocked the soda machine and, once again, removed the Dixie Chicks from the jukebox. I will put them back in after you & I have had a chance to catch up. I do love the smell of coffee even though I can’t drink it any more.So, what’s going on with you? How about a piece of pie?


  1. tenenbaum.susan says:

    the rag the morning guy used to clean the flaked -off crust, coffee spills and gooey cherry residue from the counter – he never changes it. For the love of G-d, Barbara, you’re the boss here. Will you please ask him to switch to a clean one from time to time? Did you think this enterprise would go off without a hitch?

  2. bjeaner says:

    The Morning Guy is out of town today, so that must have been The Usual Idiot who fills in from time to time. Him I can deal with, even if he is a cousin of the mayor’s brother-in-law.

    The Morning Guy is actually very tidy, but that can be just as bad, especially when tidiness spills over into All Of Life, and life — as we all know — tends to get a little messy at times.

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