Tired of answering your mother’s computer questions? Maybe you should outsource them to someone closer to her own age, a woman like me. I will be happy to show her how to reply to email, how to update–or delete–her Facebook page, and how to order a tee-shirt with your dog’s photo on it. Or whatever else she’d like to do.

One session $120. Five for $500. (Internet dating advice extra.)

She & I will meet at mutually agreed upon café for our lessons. If she doesn’t have a laptop, we’ll work on mine. She should bring paper & pen to take notes. Before I start to work with her, you should let me know what *you* think she needs to learn. I’ll send you an update at the end of each session that you buy, but your Mom has the option of converting to direct hire at any time if she wants you out of the loop.

Here are some examples of the questions your Mom and I might cover:

  • How do I make the type on the screen bigger?
  • How do I find my old boyfriend George? Should I?
  • What is Meet-up?
  • What does LOL mean? LMFAO? YAMMV? :-<?
  • How much money should I send this guy in Nigeria?
  • I said I would make a PowerPoint presentation at my garden club. Okay, how do I do that?
  • I think I broke Facebook. How do I fix it without telling my kids?
  • How can I comment on those Huffington Post articles about how great it is to be 40, 50, or 60?
  • What is Snopes and does it have anything to do with William Faulkner?
  • How do I get free tickets to see SF Opera simulcasts at AT&T Park?
  • How to borrow Kindle books from my library?
  • How do I WRITE a Kindle book (i.e. poetry, memoir, family history)
  • How to make and PRINT a simple book?
  • What can I do with all these photos I’ve taken with my camera and/or phone?
  • I’m bored. Can’t this Internet show me something better to do than watch cat videos and play solitaire?
  • How do I backup my files. For that matter, what does “back up” mean?
  • What’s a download? And where did my downloaded files go?
  • How do I make cards, calendars, letterheads, and other paper products?
  • What is blogging? Can I have a blog of my own?
  • What’s Twitter: Should I tweet?
  • I want to talk to my old friends on Skype. How do I do that?
  • I want to update my resume. How do I do that?
  • How do you buy and sell stuff online? (EBay? Amazon? Craigslist?) What precautions do I need to take?
  • How does Paypal work?

If you are interested in helping your Mom answer her questions–but just don’t have the time or energy–go ahead. Outsource! Contact me, and let’s get started!

This is a win-win situation: Your Mom really does want to know how to use her computer, and I can help her. You win because you get to take credit for having this great idea. (And I promise not to tell her about that time you went on TaskRabbit to hire someone to write a thank-you note to her.) I win because I need the work. And your HR department wins because they will have one less job application from me to review and toss out, not that age discrimination is a real thing. Plus, if I draw a good enough response to this ad, I can hire more old-woman geeks to join me in this endeavor.

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