Professional BoatBuilder magazine

Here’s the short version: • Produced more than 1,500 seminars for IBEX (International BoatBuilders Exhibition & Conference), facilitating speaker participation, onsite details, and follow-up • Broadcast 200-plus Internet radio shows • Managed editorial department office, including all work flow, for Professional BoatBuilder magazine • Covered boatbuilding in China, England, and the United States • Established online training courses and provided support to instructors and students • Managed online events • Wrote blog focused on making better presentations • Created classification system for marine-industry products and information. (Follow links for more details.)

The business card is one I had made up to take with me on my first trip to China in 2006 since the term “contributing editor” was a term that could be understood as part of my job at the time. Otherwise, I’d have needed a tri-fold card.

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