It’s My Boat!

In November 2013, my ProBoat Radio co-host Ann Avary and I started our own online radio show, the “It’s My Boat!” podcast. We broadcast live each Monday via Blogtalk Radio and iTuenes, and we are rapidly building up our listening audience.

We started out with a few practice shows in November and December 2013, and then sent out the following press release in January:

“It’s My Boat” Radio Announces Winter Episodes

Seasoned crew teams up to provide new boaters with online tips and entertainment

ALAMEDA, Calif., Jan. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — On January 13, “It’s My Boat” Radio will offer its first podcast of the new year, featuring some key pointers from Soundings Trade Only columnist Norm Schultz.

“Boat-show season is here,” says co-host Ann Avary, “and we want to help people start out right. They need to have a great time at their regional shows to make boating part of their recreation plan, and Norm is the right guy to fire up some enthusiasm.”

In a later episode, Avary will be walking the floor herself—at the Seattle Boat Show—with a couple of key assignments. “I’ll be on a mission,” she says. “It could well be a boat-show scavenger hunt. Maybe some of our listeners will want to join me.”

Avary’s co-host is Barbara Jean Walsh, formerly of Professional BoatBuilder magazine, and they are old hands at podcasting. “For ProBoat Radio, we produced more than 200 shows,” says Walsh, “but that was a straight interview show, aimed at marine professionals. ‘It’s My Boat’ is for those folks who really want to know more about boating, and it’s a magazine format.”

By that, Avary explains, each show includes a number of short segments. “For example, we invite guests in for their expertise, but then we also want to know why they love boats. I think sometimes that message gets lost. We’ve already had a lot of fun hearing about first boats, and finding the ‘right’ boat.”

“We also include news items or tweets we’ve seen during the previous week,” says Walsh, “plus we have an ongoing comedy skit, guest appearances from Ann’s dog Dixie, and we’re thinking about a ‘Love on the Rocks’ lonely-hearts segment.”

Each episode has a key theme. “For example,” says Avary, “later in January, we’ll be talking to Steve Sprole from Ritchie Navigation about selecting, installing, and maintaining the right compass for your boat, and then we’ll have Ted Pike from Edensaw Woods with us to discuss how to pick out the right lumber for your D-I-Y project. After that, we’re planning shows on topics as diverse as boat canvas, trailering, and dragonboating.”

Besides Avary and Walsh, on-air crew members are Bart Blankenship, of North Carolina Outward Bound, who will be providing tips for small boat handling—especially getting started with kayaks—and marine surveyor Patricia “Pat” Kearns, another familiar voice from ProBoat Radio.

“All four of us will be blogging and adding supplemental interviews, stories, and photos to the website at,” says Walsh. “Shows are all archived, so our listeners can visit, browse, and enjoy at their leisure. We fully encourage visitors to leave comments and recommendations.”

“Our goal is to create shows that respond to listener questions and concerns,” says Avary. “We especially want to know what keeps people from getting out on the water. We both have a lot of contacts in the marine industry, and we won’t be shy about knocking on doors to find answers for people who need information.”

To tune in now, go to or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. Avary and Walsh plan to release new shows each Monday at noon PACIFIC.

Media Contact: Barbara Jean Walsh, It’s My Boat, 561-922-7220,

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