Welcome to the Slice of Heaven 24-Hour Pie Shop and Driving Range

A Dream of Pie and Golf

Some years ago, I was fairly well aggravated by a few little incidents in my workaday life, I started to think about other possibilities. The first was to be hired by as a high-powered facilitator to bring all the players to the table to discuss making the electric car a reality in the U.S., as well as in Israel & Denmark. Unfortunately, the company I had targetted did not respond at all to my letter of interest.

The second idea was to start working on both my lifeguard certification and my yoga-instructor training, both of which combined could lead me into a nice retirement income, I imagined, as I saw myself leading willing small groups of students through their body-toning paces, mats spread neatly around the swimming pool.

This is an especially delightful idea if you know that I’ve spent most of my life in a chair, behind a library desk or in front of a computer screen, and only recently became interested in exercise. Yes, a fabulous idea. Also, it turned out to be more work that I really wanted to take on.

And the third idea, which seems to have come out of the ether, has been some sort of sub-conscious desire to spend more more more time out on the driving range. So why not just live there? Why not own my own driving range? Of course, one of the things I like best at the driving range is the lack of chatter.

But maybe I would like the opportunity to meet some of my quiet companions for a moment or two in a pleasant place filled with flattering warm light and the can’t-be-beat aroma of fresh pie.

Yes, a slice of heaven.

So here, I will build it, for now.

Here’s a sample of my imaginery life at the Slice of Heaven 24-hour Pie Shop and Driving Range. I hope you will enjoy your visit!