Altered Books

Right now, I have more books in my little turquoise cottage than I have ever had before. I will be moving many of them to the Pie Shop book shelves soon, unless I find a way to send them to my doppelgänger Marilyn who is in China and has a severe book shortage, or at least a shortage of books in English.

I started holding on to books for her, but they are taking over my space. Plus, they interfere with my deep-seated belief that private ownerships of books is counter-revolutionary, and these tomes will need to be set free very soon.

Then again, I also like the idea of altering books and making them into something else entirely, and these altered books by Brian Dettmer have me captivated.

Called “book autopsies,” there’s a nice collection of them for your viewing pleasure below that I borrowed from:

Brian Dettmer carves into books revealing the artwork inside, creating complex layered three-dimensional sculptures.